Pressure Care Dynamic Mattress

With COVID and Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, Specialised Care Has Never Been More Critical

As we all continue to seek shelter in our homes from the global coronavirus pandemic, the stresses the most vulnerable amongst us, the elderly, face on a daily basis are now shared by all of us.

11 November 2020
Pressure Care Mattress HPV Decontamination

Are Your Pressure Care Mattresses Up to the Challenge of COVID-19 Era Decontamination Efforts?

Caremed’s high quality materials and robust mattress designs withstand aggressive decontamination efforts required in the COVID-19 era. Not all alternating mattresses can say that.

24 June 2020
SafeSlide air matt for safer lateral patient transfers

With Demand for Lateral Transfer Devices Growing, Do You Have the Right Moving & Handling Product Mix?

A perfect storm is brewing in the healthcare sector, one that will soon drive unprecedented demand for lateral transfer devices that not only protect the health and safety of patients, but also that of nurses and caregivers.

27 February 2020

Heading to MEDICA? Here’s How to Get the Most from the World’s Largest Medical Event

Twenty years ago, I attended my first MEDICA World Forum for Medicine. I remember stepping off a crowded bus the morning of opening day and being engulfed by a mad herd of people swarming into the main exhibit hall. The next several days were a blur of hustling from hall-to-hall, from one appointment to the next, stale sandwiches and cold coffee, and standing in long queues for the bus ride back to the hotel in the evening.

To help you get the most out of MEDICA, we have put together the following list of 12 insider tips. Have a look!

9 October 2019

7 Things to Ask When Evaluating the Clinical Research Behind Pressure Care Products

“With so many choices of pressure care products on the market today, it can be challenging to find the right solution. When starting your search, ask potential suppliers to provide any research they have conducted on their products, then review it carefully and ask questions. At the end of the day, it’s about your patients, their health, comfort, and quality of life.”

26 August 2019

When Good Deals Go Bad

We humans are always looking for a good deal. On cars. Clothes. On a holiday package. Any way to save  some money, right? It’s like that at work, too. Saving the company some money is a good thing. It feels great to find a cheaper option or negotiate a lower rate on a contract. Bosses like it. The bottom line likes it. What’s not to like about a good deal?

13 July 2019

When the Pressure’s on, Medical Device Companies Turn to OEM/ODM Specialists Caremed

Pressure ulcers, those ugly wounds that plague the bedridden in hospitals and nursing care facilities, are the third most costly and difficult medical disorder to treat. They are also amongst the most physically debilitating and life threatening condition patients, most of them elderly, face. Caregivers work hard to treat patients suffering from the wounds as well as doing everything possible to prevent them.

18 February 2018