When the Pressure’s on, Medical Device Companies Turn to OEM/ODM Specialists Caremed

Pressure ulcers, those ugly wounds that plague the bedridden in hospitals and nursing care facilities, are the third most costly and difficult medical disorder to treat. They are also amongst the most physically debilitating and life threatening condition patients, most of them elderly, face. Caregivers work hard to treat patients suffering from the wounds as well as doing everything possible to prevent them.

Thankfully, leading medical device suppliers now have new options for managing and avoiding pressure ulcers. And whilst healthcare professionals have been quick to embrace offerings such as specialist powered mattresses, the quality and reliability of these products varies widely. Purchasing the wrong pressure care preventive and treatment products can be a real sore spot for customers and patients.

Caremed: Leading the way with customer focus, technology and quality assurance

For more than 25 years, large global healthcare brands have relied on Caremed to manufacture innovative pressure care products such as mattress systems and DVT (deep vein thrombosis) systems and garments to the highest standards of quality and performance. Caremed is both an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), producing products to the customer’s specifications; as well as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), designing and producing products customers then brand as their own.

This flexibility, combined with an unwavering commitment to process control, quality assurance through 100 percent testing and patient-centered solutions, has made Caremed the preferred manufacturing partner of leading brands throughout North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

What sets the family-owned company apart from competitors is that all of its facilities, including headquarters, engineering, R&D, electronics, material coating and lamination, plus mattress and garment manufacturing, are located in Taiwan and all are company owned. Its products are backed by independent, evidence-based clinical studies available to customers. Class 1 and Class IIa products are made to comply with FDA, CE and all other relevant standards or certifications.

And it’s important to note that Taiwan has been a preferred trading partner with Europe and North America since 1945 because of its commitment to precision manufacturing and customer service.

Caremed B2B sets new standard with European-based sales, service and support network

“Whilst Caremed is a global company,
Caremed B2B is very much a European-focused OEM/ODM resource. We have offices in the Netherlands, Denmark, and United Kingdom and maintain a dedicated sales, sample centre, technical support, logistics, and service team. In addition toCaremed’s consistently high quality, our customers appreciate that we are local, located within the same time zone, speak the same language, and above all, are responsive to their needs.”

David Jones, Managing Director, Caremed B2B

Caremed’s Taiwanese founder and chairman, Tony Liu, counts integrity and trust amongst the company’s core values, believing that customers treated respectfully will remain customers. This philosophy works: Caremed’s annual global sales top $50 million (US). When the European business was launched in 2012, the company established a strong local presence to ensure hands-on customer service.

Caremed B2B’s Managing Director David Jones explains that having multiple locations in Europe—Amsterdam, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark; Manchester and Barnsley, U.K.—is a significant competitive advantage for large and mid-size customers looking to maintain and/or expand market share with a strong manufacturing partner.

“Some companies are attracted to OEMs/ODMs that manufacture products in China. They’re cheap and that looks good on the bottom line. But a cheap product is rarely reliable. What happens when a mattress fails, or worse yet, 20 mattresses fail, there’s a recall and your best hospital customer has nowhere to put patients? A failure like this can and often do end lucrative contracts or tenders,”
Jones says.

“Low prices are attractive at the frontend, but the lack of quality and customer service are costly. We see relationships ruined because of this—not to mention the impact on patients,” Jones adds.

No company is immune from problems and should customers have an issue, Caremed B2B dispatches its service specialists immediately. If advanced technicians are needed from Taiwan, there is no hesitation to bring them to Europe.

continues to transform the industry with range of options, groundbreaking innovations

Caremed B2B’s product range includes innovative mattress systems for acute care, nursing care, and home care that meet specific clinical requirements. This includes alternating pressure, low air loss, bariatric, and universal mattress system. The company also offers metal fabrication for beds and DVT garments and systems like sloping heel cells, which it also manufactures in Taiwan.   

Caremed has recently introduced the fully automated Universal Therapy System Mattress (UTS™), a space-saving system where the pump is contained within the mattress. A modern option to traditional alternating air mattresses, the UTS has demonstrated excellent results in clinical trials, earning high marks from care managers and patients who appreciate the auto-sensing comfort control, full-depth protection and convenient handset control.

“The UTS system has already proven successful in providing higher level pressure care in differing care scenarios”

With an aging population and more hospitals and nursing care facilities eager to keep those in their care comfortable and free of bedsores, Jones predicts a busy few years ahead for Caremed B2B. “European medical device companies that want to present customers with pressure care products that solve problems rather than create them are invited to speak with us. Caremed is happy to bring your ideas to life or provide you with ours. Either way, we share your vision.”

Caremed is the world’s preferred OEM/ODM of pressure care systems and garments and provides local sales, technical support, service, and logistics through Caremed B2B. Learn more at our website or contact us for a personalised response.

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