OEM/ODM Pressure Care Product Development & Supply

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OEM/ODM Development

Caremed Supply Inc., is a world leader in OEM/ODM pressure care product range development, manufacturing products for some of the world’s largest and best known healthcare brands.

Areas of Key Manufacture and Supply include:

  • Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems
  • Low Air Loss Mattress Systems
  • Bariatric Mattress Products
  • Universal Mattress Systems
  • DVT Systems & Garments
  • Metal Fabrication – Beds

Areas of Product Focus:

  • Unrivalled product quality and reliability
  • Independent evidence based clinical effectiveness
  • Ongoing product technology development and design
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For 25 years, Caremed has been creating and supplying high quality, clinically effective, pressure care products to many of the world’s leading healthcare brands.

Throughout this period Caremed has been at the forefront of developments in LAL and AP systems, including auto-sensing, 1-piece cell welding, compressor power developments, MLAL, Sloping Heel Cells, UTS™ and many more.

Caremed is unique amongst it’s peers in that it has built and manages it’s own manufacturing facilities encompassing all levels of process control and manufacture from raw materials through to finished goods:

Corporate HQ & Pump Assembly Facility

Taipei, Taiwan

Fabric Coating Facility & Mattress Production Plant

Yilan, Taiwan

DVT Production & Metal Fabrication Plant - Beds

Yilan, Taiwan & Taichong, Taiwan


European Team

By installing a dedicated team to support it’s European customer base, Caremed has committed resources and investment to ensure it’s customers always receive the highest level of support and service to partner it’s high levels of manufactured quality and functionality.

Nobody likes to think of a product ever failing, but it’s very comforting to know that should support ever be required, local support, operating in the same timeframe, is immediately available to all European customers.

Dedicated European support team located within the region

Assistance in product support, supply, logistics and engineering

Close access for future
product development

Long term partnership

Engineering workshop
based in the region


Pressure Care Product Ranges

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading ODM/OEM supplier of pressure care mattress systems, Caremed has a wide range of standard pumps and mattresses to meet almost every product specification or individual need of it’s customers.

To ensure we are able to suggest the best solution for you, contact us now to discuss your individual needs.


The fully automatic Universal Therapy System (UTS™), where the pump is contained within the mattress, is the latest market changing development launched by Caremed.

Independent clinical data has demonstrated that the new system can replace the need for both ‘hybrid’ and traditional alternating mattresses, providing a versatile single mattress option.

  • Auto-Sensing Comfort Control
  • Step-Up/Step-Down Flexibility
  • Full Depth Protection
  • Handset Control
  • Air on Demand Efficiency
  • Outstanding Clinical Performance
  • Numerous Additional Benefits

“The UTS has proved to be a highly effective and versatile mattress. It provided excellent results during our clinical trials, with great feedback from both care managers and mattress users”. Cathie Bree-Aslan MSc RGN DipN

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UK Head Office:

Healthcare House
51 Moor End Road, Mellor
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 161 467 0171

European Head Office:

Stationsplein 30
1382 AD
+31 (0) 852 250 556

Caremed Global Headquarters:

7F, No.2 Lane 235, Bao Chiao Road, Xin Tien City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., 231
+886 (0)2 29 17 98 08